About INQUBEKO Training Academy (Inqubeko)

Inqubeko focuses on facilitating critical, fundamental and strategic skills development in the South African Automotive Sector. A fresh approach to skills development is required, due to – amongst other reasons – the 4th industrial revolution and its demand for the adoption of future production technologies. In this context, Inqubeko prides itself in developing state-of-the-art learning and training solutions to adapt to the specific challenges facing the South African automotive landscape. The first training programme Inqubeko is launching into the market covers select mathematics and science concepts required by artisans when maintaining machinery and equipment on the shop floor, i.e. the “Artisan Maths and Science Anchor” or AMSA Curriculum. The objective is to ensure a similar skill set, language and standard applicable across the sector and client shop floor, achieved through a highly flexible and scalable technology platform. For this programme, Inqubeko is proud to partner with MathU as the technology provider.

Why participate in this training program?

Toyota has contracted with Inqubeko to deliver the AMSA curriculum to its maintenance staff. The AMSA curriculum is part of the training programme of a Maintenance Group Leader at Toyota South Africa Motors. Candidates who participate in this programme will see their mathematics and science competencies enhanced and meeting the TSAM competency standard. In addition, candidates will be exposed to some of the latest ground-breaking methods in teaching, e.g. combining mobile technology and artificial intelligence, through a fun and flexible training approach:

  • The mobile application gives candidates access to a teaching tool in their pocket, allowing them to balance daily work demands with learning when onvenient
  • The Artificial Intelligence (AI) component will craft a personalised learning experience for candidates, focusing on aspects of the syllabus they have yet to master, and teach them in a manner they prefer
Long term Vision of INQUBEKO

“In addition to the training, TET (via Inqubeko) will eventually be able to support
qualified technicians to start their own maintenance firms, and to offer this
specialist service to Toyota and other vehicle manufacturers in South Africa. As a vehicle manufacturer in South Africa, we are ideally suited to offer this type of training. Trainees will be able to hone their skills at our manufacturing facility in Prospecton, Durban, and we will no doubt use their new talents to full effect at our plant. I trust that many of the trainees will find employment at our plants or, in the case of prospective small business owners, a stable base of work from where they can expand their services to other manufacturers.”

INQUBEKO Learning Experience

Due to the technology platform and personalised learning journey, candidates will encounter far fewer formal interactions with training staff, while still enjoying an enhanced learning experience. The application works best where:

  • –  Candidates have strong drive and perseverance to enhance their own skills
  • –  Candidates are disciplined in adhering to the training curriculum and minimum pace
  • –  Candidates enjoy a technology platform and an explorative learning approach

Upon completion of the AMSA curriculum (with the addition of a few concepts) candidates may have their skills formally assessed either to a local or internationally accredited qualification.

AMSA Curriculum (Foundation Phase)
  • – Algebraic Expressions
  • – Exponents
  • – Equations & Inequalities
  • – Trigonometry
  • – Functions
AMSA Curriculum (Intermediate Phase)
  • – Interpretation of Functions
  • – Trigonometrical Analysis
  • – Finance, Growth and Decay
  • – Basics Statistics
  • – Linear Programme
AMSA Curriculum (Advanced Phase)
  • – Number Patterns, sequences and Series
  • – Differential Calculus & Integration
  • – Intermediate Finance
  • – Intermediate Statistics
  • – Probability
INQUBEKO Learning Methodology

Inqubeko issues smart devices to candidates with a preloaded application that integrates explanations, assessments, and exercises for candidates to practice and self-evaluate. Candidates are required to spend time with and engage the application according to a minimum progress schedule. The application facilitates self-discovery, meaning candidates are fully in control of their own learning journeys. In addition, Inqubeko makes use of the Google Classroom App, providing candidates with access to the Inqubeko Senior Invigilator or Senior Facilitator for feedback and questions relating to the MathU Go App, content challenges and other queries.

MathU Teaching Emporium

MathU Teaching Emporium was established by engineers and scientists who are passionate about mathematics and science education. The MathU GO App is an in-hand mobile learning tool that will enhance the facilitation of artisan learning. Inqubeko’s first programme uses the MathU GO App as its technology platform to deliver the AMSA Curriculum. MathU’s Artificial Intelligence creates a customized learning experience, using adaptive concept teaching through a reinforcement learning loop. The information generated over time becomes a valuable lessons-learned archive. MathU has a track record that demonstrates significant improvements in diverse groups.